How to Lose Weight or Tone Your Muscles Without Stepping Foot in a Gym!

Whether you are wanting to tone up or slim down, the chances are that all of the advice you receive is going to tell you to get yourself to a gym! And fast!


And while this may be one effective method to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, it certainly isn’t the only option available to you!


If you are somebody who just can’t stand the idea of stepping foot inside a gym and getting on a machine for hours on end, then this is the article for you. Below is some introductory information on alternative methods to help you reach your fitness target.


Walk Around the Block

That’s right, get out! Off your chair, off the couch, out of your house, and walk around the block. That’s it. Tomorrow, do it twice. Then three times the next day until you reach a point where you are giving yourself a good workout without overdoing it.


While it may seem too basic, walking can significantly improve your health and fitness in a short period of time. Simply adding some hand held weights and lifting them as you walk takes this already beneficial task to a new level, and you don’t even to leave your block to do it!


Bend and Stretch

Just because TV would have you believe that Yoga is only for people who are already fit and can comfortably slide into a fashionable workout outfit doesn’t mean that yoga isn’t for everybody.


In fact, if you were to visit your local yoga studio then you will see that the exercise has garnered interest while an entire range of people looking to increase their fitness. Through the use of poses, stretches, and breathing techniques, yoga can help to tone up muscles and improve flexibility and posture. COmbined, these all add up to a healthier looking and feeling you!



Let’s save the best, and the most strenuous, for last! Swimming has long been known as one of the most athletically demanding and challenging sports there is. However, this doesn’t turn you off. In fact, it should draw you to the sport.


The basic act of swimming requires almost all of the muscles in your body to activate to not only keep you afloat but keep you moving at a strong pace. From your feet to your legs, right up to your shoulders, your body is working hard to keep you moving. If it’s been a while, check out the Groupon Coupons page for Eddie Bauer to pick up some modern swimwear.


The biggest barrier for most people is the idea that swimming is an intense sport which needs to be done at great speed and effort. However, the opposite is true. Swimming is an activity which you can tailor to your personal fitness abilities and goals. For example, if you are just starting out, slowly swimming a few laps a day is enough for you to feel and see health and fitness improvements. Once you become more confident, increase the intensity until, like walking, it reaches a level where you are comfortable.


As you can see, there are many more paths which you can take to help you reach your fitness goals that don’t involve signing up for a lengthy gym membership and spend hours on intimidating equipment.

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